Companies seek for the additional funding at each stage in the business life cycle. Additional capital is needed in order to expand growing business, implement large-scale investment projects, ensure stable working capital, and realize other economic activities.

We help to attract financing (business loans, factoring, micro credits, etc.) from Development Finance Institution ALTUM and other credit institutions.

Depending on the aim of your business development, additional financing is needed for different business activities, such as:

  • to start your own business;
  • to acquire fixed assets and real estate;
  • to increase working capital;
  • to implement company business development projects;
  • to do commercial transactions.

ALTUM is a state-owned development finance institution, which offers state aid for various target groups with the help of financial tools (such as loans, credit guarantees, investing in venture capital funds, etc.).

ALTUM provides loans and credit guarantees, offers insurance for business export deals and investment to venture capital funds, and offers non-financial support in the form of consultations, education, mentoring, and more.

Majority of credit institutions offer various kinds of business financing loans. The development stage of your company is one of the most important indicator to understand which kind of the products offered by banks is the most suitable for your business and economic activities.

For future entrepreneurs and recently established companies various start-up loans are available. However, for companies with the history of operating activities, banks offer different kinds of financing products such as credit limits, long-term loans, factoring, leasing and others.

Private investors or business angels are individuals that invest their private financial resources, time and knowledge in perspective business ideas and business models with high potential of growth and development. Private investors can help your business ideas reach new levels and achieve maximum returns in the long term.


Alternative or non-bank creditors offer various kinds of services that can serve as alternative loan in the situations when loans from financial institutions are not suitable or available. Alternative lenders offer short-term loans that are necessary in order to close urgent business agreements. As well alternative lenders offer longer term loans that are used in order to make investments in the company, improve liquidity and facilitate the operation cash flow of the company.

Application for financing

We prepare all the necessary documentation, application forms, reports in order to apply for financing in a credit institution.

Business plan

We prepare detailed company business plan for submission to credit institutions and investors.


Financial planning

We perform a company financial analysis, identify project costs and available resources, prepare projected income statement, cash flow, balance sheet, and other project-related financial information.

Project management

We ensure successful project management execution at the all phases of the project development.

Representation of interests

We represent the interests of our clients in the credit and financial institutions.

Information flow

We ensure operative information flow between the credit institution, the client and all the stakeholders involved in the project implementation process.


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