The procurement procedure is one of the most difficult steps in project implementation. For saving your business time and resources, we offer consultations and procurement management to customers and suppliers in the private and public sectors.

PMF Group ensure the management, representation, inspection and counselling of private and public procurement and price surveys. Over the years around 500 procurement and price survey procedures have been done for our customers.

For customer, we will help to develop procurement regulations and requirements, evaluate tenders, contact applicants and announce the results. For supplier, we will help to prepare a high-quality offer and ensure compliance with the requirements of the procurement documentation.

We also specialize in complex procurement procedures, always looking for individual and the best solutions. We have gain experience in announcing procurement amendments and challenging procurement results.


We offer consultations to customers and suppliers on providing public or private procurement procedures, preparing documentation and solutions for specific situations.


We offer to ensure the management of procurement processes or its individual phases.

We specialize in the development of procurement and price survey documentation:

– for customers we offer to develop regulation, technical specifications, budget and evaluation protocols;

– for suppliers we offer to develop contracts, offers and contract according to procurement requirements.


We offer:

– to represent your company and its interests in Procurement Monitoring Office in Latvia;

to negotiate with all parties concerned;

to publicly announce procurement, its amendments and results;

-to deal with conflict situations, if they occur during the procurement process.


We offer to evaluate and improve the procurement process already going on and evaluate all the risks possible during the procurement procedure. We monitor the procurement process from procurement regulation development till successful contract.

Scheme of the procurement process

Below you can find one of the schematic examples of the procurement process, in this case, based on Cabinet of Ministers regulations No. 104
“Regulations Regarding Procurement Procedure and Procedures for Application Thereof to Projects Financed by a Contracting Authority

Procurement performer scheme

Procurement candidate scheme

Why it is so important to provide high-quality procurement procedures and its documentation?

Reduced number of errors in the procurement documentation

Reduced risk of amending or discontinuing of procurement

Customer acquire a wider range of applicants who submit their tenders

Supplier increases his chances of winning the procurement


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