EU funds

Many companies have already used EU funding opportunities that have helped to improve their working efficiency, develop innovative products and increase company competitiveness.

We help to attract European structural funds and offer project implementation solutions, project strategic planning and management in all stages of project execution.

Throughout many years we have helped our clients to realize large investments and business development projects in different economic areas.


  • Rural Support Centre
  • Central Finance and Contracting Agency
  • Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
  • Finance institution ALTUM
  • State Education Development Agency
  • Regional Development
  • Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia
  • Ministries (EM, VARAM, ZM, etc.)
  • Municipalities
  • Boards of construction
  • Land Registers
  • State Environmental Service
  • Latvian Procurement Monitoring Bureau
  • Food Surveillance and Veterinary Department

  • Food processing and agriculture
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Manufacturing and mining industries
  • Forestry
  • Research and innovations
  • Energy
  • Education and employment

Project strategic planning

We identify the strategic aim of the project and help to develop detailed project implementation plan and timeline of all project activities.

Project documentation

We prepare all necessary documentation for the project submission – project application, business cash flow and other necessary documentation.

Procurement activities

We do all the procurement procedures and prepare the necessary procurement documentation according to Public Purchasing Law and procurement arrangements for EU financed projects

Project cost optimization

We identify all costs and available resources of the project. We help to make precise budget estimates to ensure maximal project cost optimization.

Project management

We ensure full coordination and supervision of all project and stakeholders processes. We perform time, quality and risk management.

Preparation of project reports

We prepare project reports, payment claims and other project implementation documentation. We represent project during audit and other inspections.


How do our services work?

1. Apply for our consultation and tell us about your business development idea.

2. We consult about the most relevant EU funding programmes based on your working profile.

3. In cooperation with you, we evaluate your correspondence to participate in the specific programme.

4. We do all preparation work and we prepare necessary documentation according to the regulations of the programme.

5. We submit an application to the government institution .

6. We wait for the project acceptance letter.

How to evaluate if your company is corresponding to EU programme?

Compliance analysis is first and the most important step that needs to be done in order to understand if the company is eligible for particular EU funding programme. It is important to acknowledge yourself with regulations of Cabinet of Ministers about the specific EU Fund’s programme where all necessary requirements and project criteria are described.

Where to find information about available EU funding programmes?

Information about available EU funding opportunities is summarized in the web-pages of Central Finance and Contracting Agency, State Rural Support Centre and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.


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